Book Review: Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Finally! My most anticipated release of 2021 is here! Act Your Age, Eve Brown is the penultimate book in Talia Hibbert’s the Brown Sisters series. The Brown Sisters series is my favorite contemporary romance series for a number of reasons. Gone are the stereotypical romance leads! The self-insert, not-like-other-girls, Bella Swan archetype is nowhere to be found in the Brown Sisters series and I couldn’t be happier. Hibbert features women who are plus sized, differently abled, and bisexual. By featuring women who don’t fall into the stereotypical romance box, Act Your Age, Eve Brown is refreshingly unique while still delivering on all of the steamy and sweet moments a romance needs.

What’s it about?

Eve Brown cannot hold a job to save her life. Bouncing between professions in the hospitality sphere, her particular brand of destruction causes an expensive wedding to go awry, finally forcing her parents to cut her off financially. Eve is determined to prove to her parents that she is grown, so when the bed and breakfast down the road needs a head chef, Eve seems to have found the perfect solution.

Enter Jacob Wayne. Bed and Breakfast owner, Jacob, can tell with one interview that Eve’s chaos does not mesh with his perfectionism. Until she hits him with her car. Desperate for help at his B&B, he reluctantly takes on Eve for the head chef position while his injuries heal.

Eve’s unpredictability grate on Jacob, her every move irritating him. Eve’s sunshine personality and Jacob’s calculated nature make for the perfect hate-to-love romance.


This review will contain spoilers

Eve is everything I want in a main character. She is a little weird, she is smart, and determined to prove herself. Eve goes through life without caring what other people think. With bold purple hair and loud t-shirts, she stands out from other romance heroines. My favorite thing about this story is that the romance is central to the plot, but it’s not the only thing going on. Eve is on a mission to find herself and what she wants more so than finding a man. It just so happens that while she finds herself, she also is able to connect with Jacob.

Jacob and Eve bond through their idiosyncrasies which is something that I haven’t seen a ton of in contemporary romance. I love that both Jacob and Eve appreciate each other’s quirks and they are able to understand each other and love each other through them.

I love how this book spoke about autism and being on the autistic spectrum. Jacob opens the story by letting both Eve and the reader know that he is autistic. Both Eve and Jacob’s best friend love him for all of him and are understanding of his quirks. One of my favorite parts of the book was when a rival restaurateur is kind of ribbing Jacob and giving him a hard time by calling him “Spock.” Eve calls him on it without making a scene and while still showing her support for Jacob. This support no matter what really was the foundation of their relationship and I loved this interaction.

Overall I just think that this book had the perfect balance between sweet moments, steamy moments, and plot points. I loved Jacob and Eve together and I also loved the little cameos from the other Brown sisters. I can’t wait to dive into Talia Hibbert’s backlist and see what else she has to offer!

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I mean do I even need to say it?


This was my first 5 star read of 2021! I can see this book becoming one that I re-read every year.

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